This article will help you clarify what's going on with your account.

What happened? 

Summer 2022 brought massive changes to the Apple developers' industry, significantly affecting the sideloading services and users. Apple's new policies intensified accounts checks and implemented "ineligible" status to mark some UDIDs (read more about UDID here). This status blocks devices' ability to download apps' .ipa files and use sideloading services for 14 days. 

What's the reason for getting "ineligible" status? 

Unfortunately, Apple didn't publish any explanation about such reasons. Moreover, we've analyzed the statistics and found no similarity between devices that got the restriction to download apps. It's a game of chance no one can predict or shield from. 

Plausible explanation

Multiple accounts on different sideloading services increase the chances of getting "Ineligible" status. 

Devices registered in different sideloading services simultaneously are more likely to get restricted. Each sideloading system registers your device on Apple's platform for developers, and each registration is a footprint that might be considered suspicious. 

Refunds and cancellations won't help. 

Although your first instinct might be to cancel your Subscription and request a refund, it will not solve the problem and make it even worse. If you request to cancel your Subscription, Apple will activate your device on their side sooner or later. Your device will be considered trustworthy and technically unfrozen, while your BuildStore's account will be unavailable because of the refund. Getting reinstated might be problematic as your device will have to go through the verification process again, leading to more wait time. 

"Waiting is not mere empty hoping. It has the inner certainty of reaching the goal." ~ I Ching.

Unfortunately, we cannot speed up the re-activation process, since this is solely managed by Apple Inc. The only small sweet thing we can do for you is to offer a promocode for another device. Feel free to contact our support team if you need one.