The Apple developers' industry experienced significant changes in the summer of 2022, profoundly impacting both sideloading services and users. As a result, Apple introduced the "Ineligible" status to mark certain devices, blocking them from using sideloading services for 14-30 days. 

In this article, we aim to shed light on the reasons behind this status and to provide guidance on managing it effectively.

Reasons for "Ineligible" Status

Apple didn’t officially disclose the reasons for receiving the "ineligible" status. After conducting an in-depth analysis, we have found some similarities between devices with "Ineligible" status. 

  1. The "Ineligible" status typically arises from certificate revocations. When Apple blacklists a user's device, this temporarily disallows access to tweaks and prevents the use of sideloading services. While Apple has not explicitly revealed the specific criteria for triggering the "Ineligible" status, it is widely believed to be a consequential outcome of these certificate revocations.

  2. One plausible explanation for receiving the "Ineligible" status is using multiple accounts on different sideloading services. When a device is registered on various sideloading systems simultaneously, each registration leaves a digital footprint on Apple's developer platform. This accumulation of footprints may raise suspicion and increase the likelihood of being flagged as "Ineligible."

Duration of Ineligibility and Best Practices:

Apple sets the duration of the "Ineligible" status at a range of 14 to 30 days. During this period, users must refrain from switching to other sideloading services. Making such a switch can further increase the "Ineligible" status duration for the affected device. Instead, it is advised to await activation within the current sideloading service patiently. 

Recalls and "Ineligible" Status:

In scenarios where users encounter a recall of third-party sideloading service and subsequently transition to, there is a high probability (around 99%) of receiving the "Ineligible" status when registering devices in the system. This occurrence results from the "Ineligible" status's global nature, which impacts all sideloading services universally.

However, what sets apart is our commitment to compensating for the activation waiting time.

Support and Compensation:

  1. If you are facing the Ineligible status, contacting our support team is vital. We are committed to compensating for the activation wait time, ensuring you are not left in limbo during this period.
  2. If you previously used the BuildStore service, encountered an "Ineligible" issue, and subsequently canceled your subscription, reaching out to support becomes even more crucial. There is a high likelihood that Apple has already unlocked your device, and we'll help you get your device back on track.

Refunds and Cancellations:

If you discover that your device is marked as "Ineligible," it may be tempting to cancel your subscription. However, this action will not resolve the issue and could worsen your situation. Apple will eventually activate your device on their end, considering it trustworthy and technically unfrozen. However, canceling your BuildStore subscription will render your account inaccessible. Reinstating your device may become challenging, as it must undergo the verification process again, leading to an additional wait time.

Summing up:

Apple's "Ineligible" status challenges sideloading services and users alike.

By following best practices, getting assistance from support, and avoiding switching sideloading services, you can alleviate any inconvenience caused by the "Ineligible" status and continue enjoying the benefits of sideloading.

Remember, you are not alone in this situation. Contact our support team today, and let us help you navigate through the "Ineligible" status and minimize any disruptions to your sideloading experience.

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