Dive into a world where the boundaries of app discovery are broadened beyond the official App Store. builds.io is your gateway to a treasure trove of apps that you won't find anywhere else. Our platform is inspired by the creativity and innovation of independent developers who choose to share their creations in a more curated environment.

What Makes BuildStore Unique?

Exclusive App Selection: Our collection features apps from talented indie developers possessing full rights to their software. These developers have chosen BuildStore as their platform to reach users who seek something beyond what's available in conventional app stores.

Unofficial Gems & Enhanced Versions: Among our assortment, you'll find unofficial versions of popular apps and those that boast additional functionalities or features, giving you a richer and more versatile app experience.

Collaborative Curation: The BuildStore team actively engages with indie developer communities to handpick applications. Every app undergoes a thorough safety review before making its way onto our platform, ensuring you get only the best from the developer world.

Installation Process: Safe, Secure, and Warranty-Friendly

The magic of BuildStore lies in its installation process. Leveraging official Apple app distribution technology, builds.io allows you to enjoy these unique apps without compromising the safety of your mobile operating system or voiding your warranty. It's a secure bridge between groundbreaking apps and your device.

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