Auto-Renewal does not apply to all annual BuildStore Subscriptions.

  • When your BuildStore Subscription with annual payment expires, we ask to renew it manually for the next period;

  • Auto-Renewals might be enabled for "Special offer" and Subscriptions with Monthly payments, please check your PayPal account (Subscriptions) to manage this.

To get your Subscription expiration date, tap this link You'll find all Account information: your device type, UDID, Subscription Plan, and it's expiration date.

BuildStore will send you automated email notifications to inform you about the upcoming Subscription expiration date and immediately after your Subscription is Expired. When your subscription expires, you will receive an offer via email asking to extend your membership for the next year.

To Renew your Subscription, follow this link: and tap on the "RENEW SUBSCRIPTION" button. You can choose any Subscription Plan for the next period.