Configuration Profile allows BuildStore to get your unique device UDID to enable the app installation process and to connect your Subscription with the device. We need to recognize your device to make initial arrangements on our site to set your account up and running. We use IMEI, UDID, Product type (iPhone, iPad, etc.), and it's version.

Profile installation step-by-step:

  • After you Signed Up, chose the Subscription plan and proceeded the payment — you will see "Install Configuration Profile" page;

  • Tap the "INSTALL PROFILE" button;

  • You will see a system notification saying that our website is trying to download a configuration profile — tap "Allow" button.

  • Perfect! You're almost there! Close Safari browser and go to your device settings.

  • Now tap on the "Profile downloaded" — check its — tap the "Install" button — enter your device password if required. BuildStore doesn't see your passcode when you enter it — it's only about you and your device.

  • You're all set and will be landed back to website to the "Device & Subscription" page. On this page, you'll see the info Configuration Profile provided BuildStore with: Device type, UDID, and Subscription Plan you chose.

  • Done! Start your BuildStore journey: choose any apps you want and easily install them to your device. Voila!

Profile installation makes no changes in your initial system, and it doesn't get access to your private info stored on the device.
If there's an issue with Profile installation, please drop us a line, we're always here to help you!
If you're curious how to install profile, here's the official Apple guide: