You might know that your subscription is tied both to your email and to your device ID. And you have to ensure that your account is set up properly to recognize your new device ID and activate your subscription for this new device. This is also a reason why we ask you to purchase a separate subscription for each device you use.

Tip: if you upgrade your iPhone to a new model - it’s better to cancel the subscription for the old one (it will be active till its end date w/o extra payments), and then purchase a new subscription from the new iPhone (using the same account).

So, if you want to activate your account on your newly bought iPhone/iPad/iPod, please follow the steps below:

If you have access to the previous device - please log out from your account (this step is not required honestly).

  1. After you complete the Apple device transfer, make sure you take the NEW one, and then:
  2. Open the Safari browser, and clear out the Safari cache on your new device:
    1. Press Settings > Safari.
    2. Tap Clear History and Website Data.
    3. Tap Clear History and Data.
  3. Log In to your account.
  4. Purchase the Subscription.