If you face technical issues: can't install apps, or installed apps turned gray, we recommend you:

1-st: Make sure you open builds.io links in Safari Non-Private browsing mode (A window that's using Private Browsing has a dark Smart Search field with white text. Also, the white highlight around the word "Private" at the bottom left corner means it is turned on.) Here's how to Leave Private mode: How to leave Safari Private Browsing mode

2-nd: Use our Self-fix tool:

  1. Delete the apps and clear your Safari Browser cache

  2. Copy this link to your non-private Safari browser: http://builds.io/support/check_device_status;

  3. Tap on the "FIX MY DEVICE" button;

  4. Wait for 10-15 minutes when self-fix is completed;

  5. Reinstall the apps.


  • If Self-diagnostic tool shows "Your account seems to be OK" message, but you're still unable to install apps, please, make sure you've reinstalled your apps and contact our support team by submitting a ticket with "Can't Install Apps" subject here: http://builds.io/support/tickets/new

How to save the gaming process:

Spent a long time playing your favorite game? You don't need to lose all your progress when you reinstall it - here's how to keep it safe: How to save your progress in games