BuildStore Loyalty program enables you to get a BuildStore Subscription for free!

  1. As soon as you become a user - you have your unique personal Promo code. Check it here:;

  2. Your Promo code gives a 10% discount to your friends and applicable to ANY Subscription type; 10% promo code is reusable. Feel free to share it in social, DM, etc.

  3. As soon as FIVE users purchase BuildStore Subscription - you will get a 100%-off Gift code! You may track progress on the same page.
    1. 100% Gift code activated once.

  4. You may get as many 100% gift codes as you can! They are also applicable to any other account (e.g., feel free to register your iPad using this code, or even share it with your friends & family).

How to use it?

  1. Share your Promo code with your friends;
  2. Receive a 15% gift-code per every friend joined;
  3. Get 5 Promo code Activations to unlock BuildStore Subscription for free.


  1. Gift-codes cannot be combined.
  2. You can share your 15% gift-codes, but they won’t be counted in your Activation progress.
  3. A gift-code can be activated only once, while your Personal Promo code is reusable.
  4. When you collect 5 Promo code Activations and get your 100% discount for BuildStore Subscription, your Activation count will start over.