I can’t install the Profile, it takes me to the payment page.

Don’t panic if builds.io brings you back to the “Choose the Subscription” page after Profile installation.

1. Wrong Sign In credentials is the first reason for such behaviour:

  • Make sure you Signed In using the same source (email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google) you’ve Signed In (in builds.io) with.

If the website doesn’t let you switch to another account, try to clear your Safari browser cache:

  • Go to your device’s Settings.

  • Scroll to the app-list and tap on the Safari browser logo.

  • Scroll down and tap on the “Clear History and Website Data” and confirm clearing.

  • Go back to the builds.io and Log In the way you want.

2. The second reason is the new device (not registered yet).

  • If you try to Sign In to your BuildStore account via the new device and you didn’t make an Account transfer, BuildStore will lead you to the payment page.

  • Read how to proceed with the Account Transfer.

I can’t find where to install the Profile.

  • After you signed up, chose the Subscription plan and proceeded the payment, you will see “Install Configuration Profile” page;

  • If you allow BuildStore to download a new Profile, you will find it in your Device Settings. All you need is to tap on it and then allow Profile installation (inside your device settings).

How to check whether Profile is downloaded or not:

  • Press the Device’s Settings button;

  • If you see the “Profile Downloaded” separate section, it means the Profile was successfully downloaded and ready to be installed.

  • If you don’t see Profile downloaded, we recommend you open builds.io or refresh Safari page.

How to install Profile?

  • Find more information here.