When you change your device and want to keep using your BuildStore account, you need to request an account transfer. Your BuildStore account and Subscription are attached to your UDID. Every device has it’s own UDID, therefore, to perform a successful transfer you need to:

  1. Open builds.io on your new device and Sign In to your BuildStore account;

    1. Make sure you’re using the same email address or source (Twitter/Facebook/Google) you’ve Signed In on your old device;

    2. Please, don’t purchase the Subscription again;

    3. We need you to Sign Up to recognize your new device and successfully proceed with your Account Transfer.

  2. Raise a request here https://builds.io/support/tickets/new/ choose “Device change” support topic and provide your old and new device UDID in the Description section;

  3. Voila! Our Support Team will proceed with your Account Transfer and reach you out.