When you change your device and want to keep using your BuildStore account, you need to request an account transfer.

Note: Account transfer is only available on PLUS Subscription. If you have a Monthly or Classic plan, you need to purchase a new subscription for your new device.

Your BuildStore account and Subscription are attached to your UDID. Every device has its own UDID; therefore, to perform a successful transfer, you need to:

  1. Open builds.io on your new device and Sign In to your BuildStore account;
    1. Make sure you’re using the same email address or source (Twitter/Facebook/Google) you’ve Signed In on your old device;
    2. Please, don’t purchase the Subscription again;
    3. We need you to Sign Up to recognize your new device and successfully proceed with your Account Transfer.
  2. Raise a request here https://builds.io/support/tickets/new/ choose the “Device change” support topic and provide your old and new device UDID in the Description section;
  3. Voila! Our Support Team will proceed with your Account Transfer and reach out.