To create a BuildStore profile, take the following steps (email registration):

  • Choose the device: your BuildStore account will be connected to the device you've Signed Up with;

  • Use the Safari browser on your mobile device in a standard (non-private) mode and go to webpage;

  • Make sure that the mobile version of the website is loaded;

  • Tap on "SIGN UP TO ACCESS" button;

  • Choose the most suitable way to Sign Up: 

    • Create an account by entering your email address and enter your password twice in the "Password" and "Re-enter password" fields. Tick to agree to BuildStore Terms of Service and click "SIGN UP WITH EMAIL" button;

    • Or use your social account (Facebook, Gmail or Twitter) to associate your BuildStore account with it, for that you would only need to tap the relevant logo and log in your social media profile;

  • You're all set!

Note: we do not require email confirmation; however, we recommend you to use an email address which is controlled only by you to avoid any problems with your BuildStore account.